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Using The Members Calendar

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Using The Members Calendar Empty Using The Members Calendar

Post by Gnarley on Mon Dec 07, 2009 10:53 am

The members calendar is set up to do 2 things:

#1 Obviously, post your event/function etc. on the calendar.
#2 It automatically adds a post to the topic you selected during the process. (Shown below).

1. From the home page click the Calendar link.
Using The Members Calendar 1st_cl10

2. Select the Month & Year. From the drop down menu & select the topic you want the event posted to.Using The Members Calendar 2_clic10

3. Click on the small calendar in the lower right hand corner of the date you want.

Using The Members Calendar 3_clic10

4. Put in a title for your event & the color you want it in. Put in a description if you want.

As shown below..anything you put there will be shown in the post to your selected topic
and will also show up as a pop-up when moused over on the calendar.

Using The Members Calendar 4_clic10

5. Scroll down to the calendar section and select your date.

"Hour of Event" is the start time..i.e. If the event starts at 8:00am..just put in 8. Starts at 9:30..put 9 in hours & 30 in minutes.

"During" means "duration" if you event is one day just put 1 in the 'Days' section & leave the rest blank. If your event is 4 hours long from 8 to noon. Your start time as described above will be 8 of course. Under "During" in the 'hours' block put 4.

If an event runs 3 days, just put a 3 in the days section and it will show all 3 days on the calendar.
Using The Members Calendar 5_clic10

Now just hit Send and it's a done deal.

Using The Members Calendar 6_clic10
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